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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Way Business Men pack

MR PORTER, the male pendat to net-a-porter, asked three Business Man to Pack their Bag/Suitcase for a usual Business Trip.

First you will see Mr. Ellis, artist manager and company director at Scruffy Bird Management. Second Mr Hoar, co-founder and director at executive search firm Hoar Marshall and third Mr. Offergeld, publisher of both german Magazines Intersection and Fräulein. All three travel on average between 10 to 50 times a year.

"There is definitely an art to packing, but I'm yet to perfect it. Even after years of travel, I'm still learning" Mr. Hoar quotes.

My personal favorite of the Bags is the "Henry Compact Wheeled Suitcase" by Mulberry. Business-like, big enough for the most important things and stylish - a perfect and handsome companion.


  1. I love the three of them, all had nice suggestions to make
    Lita GIVEAWAY in my blog

  2. Oh my gosh! That is such a beautiful bag! :) I just sat in total awe scrolling down the screen! I am so jealous! It looks lovely on you! x drawstring carrier bags