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Monday, August 20, 2012

my personal TO TRAVEL List

This List is something like my "dream come true" list, all my dreams, hopes and wishes in one Blogpost: my personal TO TRAVEL List!

Every time one of the here named experiences came true I'll tick them off. Hope to be able to do it pretty soon :)
Of course I'll add new things as soon as they blow up in my mind.

riding a Rickshaw in Asia,
drinking a coconut in India,
driving the Route 66 but not by Car (maybe by a Segway or Bike),
lying on the sandy beaches of Miami Beach,
riding a Bike in Amsterdam,
building a snowman somewhere in north Scandinavia,
visiting Harvard's and Yale's Libarys,
eating an Apple (Fruit, not Computer) on the 5th Avenue in New York,
drinking a simple coke at Nikki Beach and being happy with it,
crossing NY's Central Park by Skateboard,
staying one Night at the Alcatraz Hotel,
stay at least for one Night at the Le Méridien Lingotto in Torino,
driving a smart eD in California,

and and and so on.

What can you recommend me to do/to expire/to travel to?

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