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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coffees in Paris, for one euro or less - Map

When you once went to Paris you know that the easiest and simplest things can be grossly overpriced. Or not!

Everyone knows that the prizes around all the tourism hotspots in this world are "not normal" and that only because the tourists don't want to walk any more meters to find a more affordable place.

Via Google I found this Map of Paris "les cafés à 1 euro ou moins" (Coffees in Paris, for one euro or less) and mpre than 53,000 views proof the usefulness of this Map, created by 'Noemie' in June 2012.

During my next trip to Paris in September I will try to use it and report you if the prizes are really at 1€ or less :-)

Of course I don't want to withhold you this nice Tool, have fun with it. I hope you find it at least as helpful as I do.

les cafés à 1 euro ou moins auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen


  1. thank you to comment & visit my blog :)

  2. Coffe for <€1 in Paris? For real? :D I'm definitely looking forward for you to check that out. I haven't had coffee for less than €1,5 in a while and I live in a small town... Following you!

    1. For just one simple € ! I know, this sounds more than craaazzyyyy :D
      Will check some locations in September, if its really true! :)

      thanks a lot xx

  3. Wow that is so awesome! I will definitely use this next time I visit Paris.


  4. Hey! Just produced an application based on those datas.
    Please check it out :)